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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frenchie Weekend

Been going out a lot recently now that I think of it. Had a couple of wicked nights out with French people, including Emilie, Ortance (yes) and Anthony. Was out till six and seven in the morn! Emilie’s a sweet girl, had nice chats with her, made me feel special as I told her my internationalist life’s story. Also quite smart with gorgeous English and generally quite pretty. Tried hitting on her while we danced, though she politely turned me down with typical “not looking for anyone”. Fair enough, I’d only known her for summat like 6 hours and she’s probably 20something. After dancing we’d go to Anthony’s place, wicked. He had blinking lights around his kitchen and would play music on his guitar and sing. Very cool. The first time, I went straight to his fridge nicked out 4 eggs, scrambled and ate them. Appeared totally normally at the time though Emilie jokingly pointed out how impolite that was the next day, I was like, oops.

Someone makes a point.

Tibo and Mimi.

More French nobility, first name Ortance, never thought I would meet one in England.


The walks back from those two nights were always funky, as the sun was coming up me and Tibo would walk up and down the Cathedral, with plenty of rambling in between.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Halloween Asia Party

My good Malaysian friend Sean invited me to an Halloween Asia party. Yes, I know, Craig the only white boy at these parties. Well no, I know for a fact there were at least 2 or 3 others and an Indian. Anyway, as usual with Asian parties there's a gajillion photos that were taken, but unlike most, I find myself taking a bunch of 'em and they were worth it.

Some of the few Japanese, Takka and a girl whose name escapes me, some of the better costumes.

A close runner-up in the costume-competition.

Chosen the best male costume. And it's pretty nifty. That's real pumpkin lined with black plastic bag. I tried it on, it's damn heavy.

Chosen the best female costume, though I'm not sure about the costume. Complete with manly man® in the background.

Good times!

Lord of the Dance

The ONLY picture of me, courtesy of DY.

Surreal, as usual.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bando Diao

Bando Diao's a Swedish band that came to Liverpool. I went to see them a couple weeks ago and am only now getting around to posting all the photos I've been taking. They're pretty good, not too blink/sum41 punky, though they could do with being a little more angsty.

Apparently, the sexiest man in Sweden.

Oooh! Oui! Bel'hom!!1!

There was a surprising amount of chicks there.

This guy was a way better vocalist, sang like an American.

Though he's also the sweatiest man in Sweden.

Was good overall. Though when they went off everyone yelled "Encore! Encore!" and "TAKE IT OFFF!!"... but they never did. Party pooping Swedes.

Next up with be predominantly Asian pics, party pics are the best, stay tuned.

PS: I've just been informed by the Name-Nazis that they're actually called MANDO DIAO. Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quickie Post

Lots of things happened recently and I haven't posted in a while.

Was by birthday a couple weeks ago and had a LOVELY party.


Got some pics up here.

Pana, Mazz, Me, Tibo and Fel.

Good pizza

Perhaps too good.

Went out for Halloween, will be putting up the pics SOON.

My dad showed me this fancy blog-valueing thing. No idea how it works. But I'm worth...

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

Not bad!

I've got SIFE crap to do over the next 2 weeks as it's enterprise week soon... should be FUN!!