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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frenchie Weekend

Been going out a lot recently now that I think of it. Had a couple of wicked nights out with French people, including Emilie, Ortance (yes) and Anthony. Was out till six and seven in the morn! Emilie’s a sweet girl, had nice chats with her, made me feel special as I told her my internationalist life’s story. Also quite smart with gorgeous English and generally quite pretty. Tried hitting on her while we danced, though she politely turned me down with typical “not looking for anyone”. Fair enough, I’d only known her for summat like 6 hours and she’s probably 20something. After dancing we’d go to Anthony’s place, wicked. He had blinking lights around his kitchen and would play music on his guitar and sing. Very cool. The first time, I went straight to his fridge nicked out 4 eggs, scrambled and ate them. Appeared totally normally at the time though Emilie jokingly pointed out how impolite that was the next day, I was like, oops.

Someone makes a point.

Tibo and Mimi.

More French nobility, first name Ortance, never thought I would meet one in England.


The walks back from those two nights were always funky, as the sun was coming up me and Tibo would walk up and down the Cathedral, with plenty of rambling in between.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what happened in Kaliningrad?

11:42 AM  
Anonymous george said...

OMG! How can u steal eggs!!!?

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Melody said...

Hey craigy! That photo of the guy with a blue tampon... hm... I see you're having fun in England, its very cold over here in Montreal, but I compensate by studying nonstop and never leaving the residence! wohoo! lol
muah craigy waigy

4:07 PM  
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