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"Man, in a word, has no nature. What he has is - history."

Friday, May 20, 2005

Finished XAMS

That's right. Craig's finished his last exam. *yey*

The joy. Now we can get drunk. All I will say:

To celebrate, I'm posting all my last sigs/propaganda.

It's an Israeli tank, the numbers are the years of the Israeli victories against Arabs... I can't be anti-joo all the time or they will come and get me.


Pretty damn wicked cool.

It says 'woe to the world, the prussians are dead'






Now for a few book covers! Now I just need to write the book...

Fabio's book. Battle's between humans/griffins(sp?)/elves and dragons. Focuses on Mazac a dragon and his quests but has lots of perspectives.

Wyt's book. The joys of life. Pigeon not included.

Mine :-P
Is that dramatic enough for you? It'll talk about Turkey in the 2030s-40s ish. Just need to write the bugger. But, courage, I've reach 800 words.


This socialist scum completed bashed/molested/abused/pwned those neocons. Excellent stuff. You can watch it all here.

Finish with a bit of romanticism, they'll be back.

Anyway, that's it, and yes, this blog is turning into an art gallery... Will have to do summat else apart from post sigs. Will work on that, maybe post book extracts??

Oh, and comment more ya' cunts, I know you're reading.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

But is it art?

Partly thanks to Amer I have been making a buttload of photoshopped sigs and potential propaganda/poster/Tshirts in the last few weeks.

Pan-Arabism, featuring Nasser, Assad, Al-Aflik (I think?) and good old Saddam. Granted, Saddam isn't quite forgotten, or even dead, but that'll come soon enough. This could be a T-Shirt.

Shame I won't be back in France in to print this off and spread the glorious pro-EU propaganda for the EuroConstitution referendum.

Poster pan-Arabism. Very high res. should be able to use it as a big poster. The inclusion of Algeria might make it appeal to french Arabs.

DeGaulle, what an ass. Defiant, accusing and anti-European, all done with a photo of him in the office the English lent him during WW2

I need to work on making my fonts more visible. Oh well. Was practice for a sig.

Now for a few sigs to spice things up.

Because it does.

Fuck you Fuku!

I like this one. Looks cool and has a point.

Yes I know I know, I'm going to hell.

From his official whitehouse portrait.

Nice and colourful.

It's a PoFo trip.

Made from pro-American Israeli propaganda.