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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bando Diao

Bando Diao's a Swedish band that came to Liverpool. I went to see them a couple weeks ago and am only now getting around to posting all the photos I've been taking. They're pretty good, not too blink/sum41 punky, though they could do with being a little more angsty.

Apparently, the sexiest man in Sweden.

Oooh! Oui! Bel'hom!!1!

There was a surprising amount of chicks there.

This guy was a way better vocalist, sang like an American.

Though he's also the sweatiest man in Sweden.

Was good overall. Though when they went off everyone yelled "Encore! Encore!" and "TAKE IT OFFF!!"... but they never did. Party pooping Swedes.

Next up with be predominantly Asian pics, party pics are the best, stay tuned.

PS: I've just been informed by the Name-Nazis that they're actually called MANDO DIAO. Sorry for the confusion.


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