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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Been a while and Dentata

Finally gotten back round to posting again. Since last time loads stuff has happened including Christmas, New Year's (washing dishes is fun!), exams and Kevin coming over to Liverpool.

I know there's loads of things to talk about but I'm going to have to talk about this. It's an old concept but it's been given a new lease on life. A South African inventor (Ed Helms gas referred to these sorts of indviduals as "vagi-thugs") has had the bright idea of inventing an anti-rape condom.

BTW, it won't kill you, it presumeably only hurts like hell. Incidentally, it remains untested on actual human beings. Disturbingly, the inventor has noted that a woman might forget it's in her. I don't think Sigmund Freud would approve.

Finally, we all know how any medical product has to be presented in a fancy way no matter how intimate or gross it is. This particular one is not only intimate, but it's deals with a deadly serious topic (rape) and maiming male genitalia. Despite this, it has a sexy name, RapeX.

They've already started their ad campaign:

Are we creeped out yet?