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Thursday, May 05, 2005

But is it art?

Partly thanks to Amer I have been making a buttload of photoshopped sigs and potential propaganda/poster/Tshirts in the last few weeks.

Pan-Arabism, featuring Nasser, Assad, Al-Aflik (I think?) and good old Saddam. Granted, Saddam isn't quite forgotten, or even dead, but that'll come soon enough. This could be a T-Shirt.

Shame I won't be back in France in to print this off and spread the glorious pro-EU propaganda for the EuroConstitution referendum.

Poster pan-Arabism. Very high res. should be able to use it as a big poster. The inclusion of Algeria might make it appeal to french Arabs.

DeGaulle, what an ass. Defiant, accusing and anti-European, all done with a photo of him in the office the English lent him during WW2

I need to work on making my fonts more visible. Oh well. Was practice for a sig.

Now for a few sigs to spice things up.

Because it does.

Fuck you Fuku!

I like this one. Looks cool and has a point.

Yes I know I know, I'm going to hell.

From his official whitehouse portrait.

Nice and colourful.

It's a PoFo trip.

Made from pro-American Israeli propaganda.


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