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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another scandal for the Prince!

Mere months before Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, the Prince of Wales has become embroiled in another scandal. Although his love of Empire is well documented, the proportions of his love for Britain's former imperial subjects has only recently been revealed.

The Prince in neo-imperial attire.

His mildly repulsive middle-aged mistress was an aussie this time. The media outburst and scandal over their torrid relationship is likely to dammage the monarchy severly.. The relationship with Camilla, who has always had tense relationships with the Royal Family, is unlikely to survive the scandal.

Relations with the Royal Family have always been tense: "Come on mum, we all know who dealt it."

The scandal arose from a shocking and exclusive photo of Charles and his lover. The relationship has been universaly been dubbed by the Daily Mail as "torrid and passionate saggy, Princess Diana just doesn't seem to have fired him up at all."

A "torrid and passionate [...]" kiss spied by a deprived onlooker.

The scandal has since grown and been fueled by the testimony of numerous ministers and people close to the Prince. Knowledge of it went all the way to the PM. Tony Blair has before a parliamentary hearing given extremely detailed accounts of the relationship. His testimony is likely to serve as an example of honesty, integrity and completeness that all future PMs should emulate.

Though the detail of Blair's testimony has been praised he has been criticized on grounds of plausibility.


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