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Friday, November 12, 2004

CIV fotos: an illustration of the french education system

Here are various pics. Mostly from CIV or CIV people, a surprising look at the french educational system. Oh, and steven (BTW very few of the fotos here are shopped!)The Brits among you can take a rare view of the French System.

The educational system is robust given what it has to cope with.

International Centre of Violence? This photo of 2 teens within the CIV was taken quickly and secretly before fleeing the scene.

You can never be too safe in regards to the science lab.

Despite appearances, many people here are extremely friendly.

The school has found innovative solutions to the problem of having no more friggin money because the twits bought a weird looking statue vaguely reminiscent of a bench.

As ominous Wyatt, Fabio, William and Marylison/Nina here show, the system churns out cheerfull and wholesome individuals after being processed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alors d'abord merci craig (Manly Man as we prefer to call ya ;-)) d'avoir posté ces photos depuis le temps que je te soule avec ca!
Je voulais dire que c quand meme essentiel de marquer ces moments au civ. Comme en se rappelant le super cours de Physique sur les murs ou les protections ultra technologiques du labo! Enfin, puis ya eu la Graduation, qui est venue couronné le tout! Je me suis toujours dit que tu avais une vision particuliere des choses, maintenant avec ces photos jen suis sure, tu ne voit pas la meme chose que nous. Hehe bravo pour les trucages pas mal du tout, puis jattends encore d'autres photos avec impatience! hugs and kisses, Mlo

11:12 AM  
Blogger erin said...

does that girl in the yellow dress have SIX FINGERS???

11:00 AM  
Blogger CJWilly said...

No, its ML's arm attached to the hand.

3:41 PM  
Blogger evilevilpol said...

Goodness me...
Ever heard of propaganda anyone?
Still, good memories... thanks Craig.

2:07 PM  

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