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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The New and Improved Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Yes, "Islamic" is in the title of country, while I imagine it's necessary to deflect any excessively overt signs that any Americanization of the country is going on, it really is rather symbolic.

A man accused of converting to Christianity, a capital offense under Afghanistan's Shariah law, has been found insane and therefore unfit for trial.

Cox and Forkum


Woooo! Howza freedom taste?

Seriously though, it is a dilemma, we can't coerce a country from the outside once we've "liberated" them can we? I should hope this puts to rest any serious accusations of "AMERICANIZATION!!!" from radical leftists (no not democrats or liberals, anarcho-greens, and yes there's plenty of them) but I'm not terribly optimistic. What is more progressive? To respect the independence of other countries or to refrain them from executing barbaric medieval practices?

For now the prospect looks like muddling along with technicalities.


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