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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vacations soon!!... drop by Gran's

Went to my Gran's for a relaxing stay featuring uncles Mark and David and cousins Georgina, Emma and James.

Took a few pics.

Emma! Aaaw.


She's schleeeeping!!

Ahem, Georgy with air rifle. Next to her David, who shot up a pheasant (sp?) whom I had the pleasure of stroking it's hanging body. Yummy. Didn't get to eat it though.

Watch out Eminem, your's trully can now shoot shotguns!

A rare image of the elusive James.

David Passes out thumb in pants, the little devils are a handful.

Was a nice stay! Family, food, sleep, children and guns, what more could you want? :-P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Je te mets un commentaire puisque c'est bondée de commentaire ...

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Melody said...

Sounds like nice time... Except for the shotgun thing... meh I am not too into that stuff! well mewy xmas my cwaigy waigy!!!!! and have a happy new year!


7:03 PM  

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