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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Part III: Krakow, the Regal Capital, is gorgeous

We landed in Poland safe and sound. After a light lunch, we found the bus to our hostel easily enough. It was kinda of a shock that we essentially could no longer read any signs whatsoever. Though enough people knew English for us to get by easily enough. Poland still has a lot of peasants and it shows. On the bus (and later trains) we could see lots of farmland and quaint cottages with often little machinery. There was also lots of men sporting extravagant and long (which, actually, felt very eastern Europeanish) moustaches.

We got to our hostel easily enough and were struck by the gorgeous receptionist there. Hint: Polish girls during our stay tended to be ****ing hot. We quickly dropped off our stuff and went for dinner in the City. We had dinner in a nice restaurant (cheap too!) who happened to have a hot waitress with flawless English. All restaurants had these fancy statues in front of them. This is when I was, I don't know, seduced by the town. We began walking around the Stare Miasto (Old Town) and the whole place is made up of beautiful centuries old buildings. Krakow is one of the few towns of Poland that was not flattened during WW2. There is a huge square in Krakow surrounded on all sides with beautiful buildings, a statue in the middle and lights all around, the photos I took are all ugly. Here's one to give you an idea. Unlike Berlin, Krakow was also easy to visit, you just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The next day I noticed this at the bus stop. Wicked, capitalism emerging ^^ We got to town and had some giant Polish bread-pretzels. Not bad. Then Wyatt went into some sort of fit, something about no one speaking German. Given my navigation was total crap, we were sort of stranded for a while. We walked around a bit, seeing some of that gorgeous architecture. And then some more. Some of it was surprisingly post-modern and ununderstandable. We eventually got to Wawel Hill. On it is the Cathedral used to crown Polish Kings as well as a huge palace. All nice.

We only spent 1 full day in Krakow though, and by the next day we were on a train (took a while to find it) to Warsaw. I'd have to say, Krakow was probably the most pleasant town we visited. Gorgeous buildings, nice atmosphere, not too many friggin' tourists and easy to walk around. Very nice. On the train, Wyatt took a picture of me apparently writing a will while apparently diseased.


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