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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Almost 1000 dead in Baghdad stampede

For now the number is 841 according to CNN and 695 according to the BBC. It's likely to go up. Pretty damn crazy that in this place people have become so terrified and edgy (with good reason) that it seems that a mere panic can expand into a stampede and kill hundreds of people. It's not known if the panic was caused by a real suicide bomber, or just a rumour of one.

It's a fluke, a mass of death completely beyond the intentions of either side. Ironically, the stampede happened while the Shi'a were honouring the death of an important 8th century Imam.

Some of the better pictures:


Anonymous WYT said...

Interesting. Pity it destroys the lovely articles about the trip. Maybe you should make a special site just for the trip. That would really be cool.

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