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Monday, March 31, 2008

Winos, Beggars and Bums

Rome has a lot of beggars. There are some old ladies along some of the big religious/tourist centers who have turned lying on their stomachs, armed outstreched and wailing into something of an art.

It also has lots of homeless people.I stumbled upon a man lying in the middle of sidewalk, the sun shining on his face. I thought something might be wrong so I tried to wake him. A guy at a nearby stall told me not to worry, don't worry, he's not collapsed or whatever you're thinking, he's sleeping. Oh. In the middle of the street? Yes, he drinks.

Aah. Winos, lovely. This is a picture of another chap, in the middle of pleasant piazza facing a beautiful basilica whose name escapes me, his back to an obelisk and a carton of wine within arm's reach. The best kind.


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