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Monday, March 31, 2008

Election posters: La Sinistra

There seems to be elections in Italy for every job from Senate, to City Council to Mayor, to regional president to Prime Minster right now. The place is smothered in election posters, many of them rather quaint. There'll be dozens of the same guy on a wall one day, only to be covered the next by his rival. This has happened every day on a wall I walk past to get to school. There's about 10 layers of posters.

I have a soft spot for the Leftists. They're a feel-good mish mash of social democrats, socialists, greens and communists united under "The Rainbow". Lovely. They've got a weird feel. Sure, they have the generic smiling-old-white-guy posters, but they've also got some who seem to allude to some sort of "chicness" (whether green, commie, or hippie) or else allude to the past or very pre-1989-style class conflict.

First up is a poster of Aldo Moro, moderate president during the "Years of Lead" dominated by communist terrorism, he was kidnapped and killed by said terrorists. His party now leads the center-left coalition.

This guy running for the Senate has a bike. He might even ride it. Take that global warming!

"The difference of the communists within the union of the Left." I think this is my favorite poster. Something about the cigar-smoking old-school commie intellectual is simply charming.

Feminism:"For once stay quiet!" "You know: you only give birth if you want to."

Class conflict: "On the side of the workers, always."

International socialist solidarity: "In Spain Zapataro, in Italy the Rainbow Left."

"24 March 1944 - Ardeatine Massacre - Rome Does Not Forget" This poster refers to the execution by the Germans during WW2 of 335 Italians casually picked up the street, reprisals for an bombing attack by partisans which killed 33 Germans.

A rather ominous final poster given that self-declared fascists run in Italy. Still, one might question the relevance of crimes committed by Nazi Germans 64 years ago to today.


Blogger csw said...

Nice photos and commentary. Makes boring political posters interesting. Cool.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous WYT said...

lol, sometimes translations aren't obvious: 'Dalla parte dei lavoratori. Sempre'. Thought for a minute that they were defending toilets. Always.

12:31 PM  
Blogger CJWilly said...

Knowing a latin language is very helpful to learning Italian. It helps A LOT for grammar (word order, word gender), and recognising words, except for the fairly common "false friends".

I took me a long time to understand the label on the liquid soap in my bathroom "Per Pelle Morbida"

12:05 AM  

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