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Thursday, March 06, 2008

First Day in Rome

Minus some technical difficulties, all is well in Rome. The weather is grey and England-esque.

Other things are going well however. My accommodation is gorgeous, I have the whole place to myself and school is only 15 minutes away. I had my first class today, and it looks set to be intense. My fellow trainees are a young, motley bunch, including a Brit-Maltese, California princess, Brit who is fluent in Italian and has lived here 7 years, a Brit who like me took a Hist-Poli Sci course and loves Peep Show-American Dad, and one (1) Italian who graduated in the UK. They are mostly one form or other of Brit or American. The trainers are very nice and from various Anglo backgrounds.

It really reminds reminds me of Haut Sartoux and the CIV!!

More to come.


Blogger Julia Haston said...

By "technical difficulties" I guess you're referring to sitting on the runway/tarmac in Nice with smoke coming out of the left engine! I'm glad it didn't take you more than 24 to get there.

9:22 PM  

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