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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Diggs + Night Out

My diggs are lovely. That was partly luck as one of my colleagues landed in a bedbug-ridden, flooding, faraway flat (she's been moved since somewhere else). I practically have the place to myself as I've only seen my landlady (a pleasant, young, pregnant (?) Italian woman) twice.


It's also tastefully decorated with various Italian and American pop culture:

The shower is a bit cramped though the bathroom is nice and even has a bidet.

...very convenient.

After about a week here I realised I had been walking past this building on the way to school every day:


And, of course, a 15 minute walk away is the Colosseum.

That was taken on a night out last Friday. The class went for drinks and then went to a lovely (CHEAP) pizzeria with outdoor heating. They served us housewine for 4 euros a liter, but Donna, a classmate who has been in Italy for years argued with the waitress that it was bad wine ("Questo vino e dell'aqua!" "Blah de blah" "Reteh teh"). We then ordered some 8 euro bottled wine and, I was sorry to note, it's all the same to me. It was good pizza anyway and we all (minus posh-accent, reactionary, Zero-Italian but looks Italian because of Maltese blood, Andy) chatted in various degrees of Italian.

I strike a completely unnatural pose:

The class, one or two missing, looking very chummy + somebody's boyfriend in a red scarf and an Italian incrusting himself with a grimace at the very back (pic was taken with the cam on a car using its timer)

Points to anyone who can guess people's nationality/origin. There's no one exceedingly mixed up in this pic apart from your's truly.


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