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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rebels in N'djamena

There's 1,000-2,000 rebel forces in Chad's capital, they arrived yesterday. They have fought around the presidential palace, but it is not clear what the situation is. There's no info on who they are, only that they come from eastern Chad (which borders Darfur).

This is a recurring theme in Chadian history. Although it's rather surprising that this government should be so near to falling, because it is the only one who has exploited Chad's oil wealth, and usually that kind of easy money can prop up a regime.

If President Idriss Deby falls in the coming days, the rebels will be the 'legitimate government' tomorrow.


Blogger Wyatt said...

maybe its an undercover branch of the Sudanese army, bent on creating lebensraum for the janjaweed and a Northeastafrican megastate.

Or maybe their just rebels. D├ęby looks pathetic either way.

7:50 PM  

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