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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bismarck: Overweight Craut Bully

Not many people know about Bismarck anymore. Long story short, he made the Kingdom of Prussia (Which occupied today's northern Germany, most of Poland and some Rhineland) go from the smallest Great Power, to the strongest by annexing the rest of Germany. He comes across as a stern general-type guy. He was the Prime-minister of Prussia and first Chancellor of Imperial Germany.

Yep, a stern guy, apparently. He liked to dress up in military uniform, act like a Junker (Prussian Nobility) and generally be loud and obnoxious.

Stern civilian too.

Grr! Just look at those boots. Smashing. See a pattern?

One of his more flattering portraits

Many only know Bismarck through the famous battleship named after him. Its a favourite for modelers, u know painting and building miniBismarck ships (what nerds)

Despite his tough-guy appearance, army uniforms, junkerhood, catholic/socialist oppression and single-handedly responsible for the 1st of 3 rapes of France, Bismarck was a big fat softie. You can tell by his puffy puppy eyes. He would burst into tears and break China have long arguments with his King.

Do not listen to the myth! Yes, Bismarck would fuck you over if he had the change, but who's he kidding with his "grrr" look? Overweight craut softie is more like it.


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Do you have to stop chewing your gum so that you can type? Can't do both at once?

I am amazed your brain can generate enough voltage to actually get those fingers of yours to work the keyboard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a brainless jackass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullshit !

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a bit of an idiot. bismarck was the greatest motherfucker of the 19th century.

he probably did have sex with your great-great-great-great grandmother though.

5:59 AM  
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