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Sunday, September 24, 2006

In Liverpool

After two weeks in Liverpool of being more or less cut off from internet, I have finally got a connection into my room again. All is well but my room is still filled with crap.

The room (including bed) used to be COMPLETELY covered in people's stuff because we used it as storage during the summer. I've now got enough space to sleep and use my laptop. Stuff is still blocking the sink because IPANA is not back yet.


Blogger scott said...

How do you know its the real Myriam Aché or it was not me playing joke (it wasn't)?

Way cool if you can start a good discussion with her or others with local info.

6:09 AM  
Blogger CJWilly said...

No way of knowing really... the language of the post and references to Djadaa/mmultilingualism don't surprise me. It could be any person who knows about miss Chad though, any Chadian, but even that would be pretty remarkable.

9:10 AM  

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