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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sacrifice All Unto the Big Green Blob

There should be an intelligent debate on US policy in Iraq. However, the current debate is so infantile it is insulting. Author Frank Gaffney went on the Washington Journal today arguing that anyone proposing a timetable for withdrawal or redeployment was a “defeatist”. He proposed massive escalation, sacrifice and perhaps a draft.

1 hour video

While claiming that “defeatists” are that way because they don’t understand “the character and complexity of this war”, his explanation of it was the typical ignorantly American conception of “World War” as a clash of ideologies. He equated loss in Iraq with that of “the free world” because Islamo-fascists would “use that as the launching pad to create the Caliphate… from which they will then mount the effort to expand their global domination, truly around the world, including even places like the United States.”

A woman with a southern drawl called in saying that “In Iraq, ya’ll should just give it up.”

Mr Gaffney serendipitously replied that “People were trying to kill us before we went into Iraq. In fact they killed 3000 of us on 9/11.”

Lets be clear, I am not saying that “Islamo-fascists” don’t exist. I am not saying there are not people out there trying to destroy the West. I am saying if they take over Iraq it’s not going to mean another goddamn World War or Cold War… it’s not going to be some big green blob on the map spreading over the whole world.

He wants you to believe this is going to happen:

or this:

These neo-domino theorists (this man, Rummy, generals) are either completely ignorant or totally dishonest. People forget there were enormous divisions in the Communist world (USSR/China/Romania/Yugoslavia/Vietnam). Unity in eastern Europe was only possible because the Red Army was there to make sure. How the hell do you expect possible fundamentalist governments, representing different nations and sects, to be really united? Fundamentalist Iran and the Taliban hated each other. Even when Syria and Iraq were BOTH ruled by Ba’ath parties with the SAME ideology, these two countries remained mortal enemies.

What are these “Islamo-fascists” going to do after taking over a flattened Iraq? Make some half-assed army and try to go after Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and get their ass whooped a la Gulf War I? Perhaps attack Godless Socialist Syria? Maybe try another Iran-Iraq War to take out the theocratic Shia “pigs”?

Be afraid, very afraid, give your taxes and sons and daughters unto the Big Green Blob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Craig you perhaps forget that President Bush is the "Decider". I enjoy your commentary. Gary

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking further back in history, the biggest problem the Chritian and Muslem forces faced during the crusades was the problem of maintaining cohesion between their own factions.

The first Crusaders were 'invited' by the Byzantine Emperor (former eastern Roman Empire based in Constantinople). Even though they were all Christian, The Byzantines despised the Normans, Franks etc and globally referred to then as 'Barbarians'. The motive behind the Byzantine invitation to crusade was to recover asian lands recently lost to the Turks. The Normans & Franks however saw it is an opportunity to land grab for themselves. There were similar problems on the Muslem side which were only really overcome when faced by a greater threat.

In summary, they generally only portray a united front when faced (or feel they face) a common enemy. The rest of the time they are at each other.

Solution, don't rely on oil, don't get involved and leave them to it. Iranian nukes could still be a nit of a problem though.

As an aside, a significant proportion of Asia Minor was oak woodland up until around the 11th/12th century. The Christians kept pigs/boar in the woodlands which aided woodland regeneration/management. The Turks however did not favour pigs/boar for obvious reasons and introduced goats/sheep which eat seedlings/saplings and bark trees, resulting in deforestation of Turkey.


1:27 AM  
Anonymous COMPUTER said...

Lol what the fuck is this blog man where are u from ?"You know, basically, if you want to find an exit strategy for Iraq, then pretty soon, you're going be — have to be finding an exit strategy for a lot of other places because those jihadists, they're not like the gooks in Vietnam."

6:09 AM  
Blogger CJWilly said...

David - I'm convinced the Muslim world, especially extremist groups, are just as prone to division today as it was in the Middle Ages. Any alliances between Sunni, Shia and godless socialists are purely tactical.

computer - I was already going to make that very quote the subject of my next post, as I'd seen Mark Steyn spew some rubbish yesterday (coincidence??). I'm born in France to Anglo-American parents, this blog expresses my opinions and interests (mainly politics and history).

2:12 PM  

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