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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Comments and Mark Steyn 1

(Shadow) Uncle Jon - "Actually, I want his job (whatever it is"

Ever since all the tourists left the region last Monday I've been out of might waiting job. If anyone has any ideas for a job after I graduate that would be gravy.

"computer" has left a comment with a Mark Steyn quote! -
"You know, basically, if you want to find an exit strategy for Iraq, then pretty soon, you're going be — have to be finding an exit strategy for a lot of other places because those jihadists, they're not like the gooks in Vietnam."

Conservative reporter Mark Steyn spoke those words as he guest hosted the Rush Limbaugh show a few days ago. I don't know if "computer" is endorsing the quote or showing it as an example of neo-dominoes/Big Green Blob. Steyn's assertion is of course ridiculous. Most of the "jihadists" in Iraq are local Iraqis. They weren't fighting the US until the target came to them. Mark Steyn's assertions about Iraq are the same as the ones other warmongers made about Vietnam:

"Let no one think for a moment that retreat from Vietnam would bring an end to conflict. The battle would be renewed in one country and then another. The central lesson of our time is that the appetite of aggression is never satisfied. To withdraw from one battlefield means only to prepare for the next." - Lyndon B. Johnson April 7 1965

It was all BS: as soon as the Americans left, the common enemy was gone, and Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese Commies viciously turned on one another. Of course, the large southeast Asian states, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, were completely safe.

It's funny he brought Steyn up as I watched him speak yesterday on C-span (yes I know I watch it too much, its the only American TV show I get here) and he really peeved me off. I'll write on Mark Steyn's other assertions on multiculturalism and Eurabia later.


Blogger scott said...

I bet the domino theory applies today also.

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