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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Uni's over!

I did my last exam yesterday. No long a student, wow. Went out for a few pints during the day, had big lunch, then went out during the night to History Society's night out at Modo's. I'm already having trouble thinking about what to do with myself. Perhaps I now need a sign to carry around written "Will work for money."

Although I tend to fret about my employability, I was given a welcome confidence boost recently. Me and a friend, who shall remain nameless, were discussing googling potential love interests in order to get more information on them. It occurred to us that someone might to the same to us and we wondered what might come up. Googling "Craig Willy," you get little but a couple blog comments, but down on page 3 there is this blog (scroll down to the "Hmm" post).

It's a post from June 2005, mentioning a certain "Craig Willy" from Roquefort-les-Pins sending a letter on Islamo-overblowing to The Economist and getting published, no less! I was stunned, I went down to the library but couldn't find the right issue. I went through the magazine's index for April-June 2005, and sure enough under "Islam" there is "Letter by Craig Willy". I was :-0!!

I want to find that specific issue, but I'm chuffed enough that a letter I sent 2 years ago, presumably electronically, managed to get published. 2 years ago. My writing style's matured a lot since then too. I have a tendency to put official voices, like high-class newspapers or magazines, on a pedestal. This made me think maybe journalism wouldn't be such a crazy path for me after all.


Blogger cswilly said...

Nice surprize to be in the The Economist and not even know it.

5:43 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

You could write to the Economist and ask them. It could also be a good opportunity to send them a candidature spontanée.

8:38 AM  

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