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Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Unmistakably German"

I've been going through military ads recently, including many that celebrate "the national mystique". Now, something not quite completely different, as this controversial ad by French car company Citroen.

Really, one has to consider this a minor work of art given its magnificent aesthetics. And all those semi-obscure cultural references to reactionary German excellence (the winter forest, Prusso-Bavarian setting, fair maidens on horseback or serving huge sausages and... fencing?!), clearly a cultured, creative and zealous marketing/media grad put a lot of thought and had a lot of a fun putting this together. Now, I'm sure the eagles and swords would like to refer to Prussia - and I lord knows I love the Prussian mystique - but it feels rather more sinister, doesn't it?

(All this besides why Citroen is doing an ad like this. Trying to steal the glory of BWM, Audi and Mercedes-Benz? To not say Volkswagen!)


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