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"Man, in a word, has no nature. What he has is - history."

Monday, June 01, 2009

More Doodles

A mix of images:

* Quick and dirties of Yeats of Irish Uprising fame (that line by his mouth is supposedly a scar) and Pierre Mendes-France.
* Quick attempts at shading of Ike (eh..) and Orwell (OK).
* Two more Fanons, quite good really, one from a different position and the other from another photo (not sure which side of his face his little cheek-scar really was). Conveying emotion is very difficult though, have neither quite the 'see beyond' stare of the original in the first, nor the scowl in the second. Points to who can say which part of the second drawing I redid a zillion times and am still not happy with.


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