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Saturday, November 01, 2008

AP writer tries to live up to moment, fails

But if Obama wins, these scribes know that they'll be facing the toughest
assignment of their careers. They've all oversubscribed to the notion that
Obama's candidacy is momentous, without parallel, and earth-shattering, so they
can't file garden-variety pieces about the "winds of change" blowing through
Washington. They're convinced that not only the whole world will be reading but
that historians will be drawing on their words. Will what I write be worthy of
this moment in time? they're asking themselves. It's a perfect prescription for
performance anxiety.
From Slate, 4 days ago.

Obama isn't even elected yet, but here's what a certain Liz Sidoti had to say in an article entitled "A campaign for the ages, tilting to the Democrats":
Counting down to Election Day, Barack Obama appears within reach of becoming the
nation's first black president as the epic campaign draws to a close against a
backdrop of economic crisis and lingering war. John McCain, the battle-scarred
warrior, holds out hope for a Truman-beats-Dewey-style upset.

I can appreciate the demand for melodrama but "battle-scarred warrior"? It's not Conan we're talking about.. But what the **** are we to make of a statement like this:
An Obama victory would amount to a wholesale rejection of the status quo: voters
taking a chance on a relative newcomer to the national stage, a 47-year-old
first-term senator from Chicago, rather than stick with a seasoned veteran of
the party in power. With strengthened Democratic majorities in Congress, he'd
have to deal with the party's left flank while governing a country that's more
conservative than liberal.

Epic fail.


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